1. GinIstra festival

In recent years, the trend of drinking "gin" has become more and more present on a global level. The creation of new, special, more diverse and even more specific flavors of "gin" led to an increase in the production activity in the field of distillates.

This is the situation in Croatia as well, where there are about 40 active producers of "gin", 11 of which are located in the Istrian County.

In the wake of this information, with the aim of valorizing local producers and getting to know the production and the distillates themselves, on September 30, 2022, the first "gin" festival, aptly named GinIstra, will be held in Rovinj, which aims to gather gin producers in one place.

Nine producers from the area of ​​Istria have confirmed their participation in the festival, i.e. the distilleries AurA, Damijanić, Imagine spirits, Istarska kapljica, Martesi, Old school distillery, OPG Čehić, Rossi and Sempervivum will participate.

In addition to the presentation of almost 20 types of gin, visitors will have the opportunity to listen to a panel workshop, and in addition to an appropriate entertainment program during the 1st GinIstra festival, plaques will be awarded to the best gins by the Commission for evaluating submitted samples.