Autumn on the plate in central Istria

Autumn has knocked on our door, and is also being served on our plates – why not taste the best that nature has to offer in autumn: mushrooms, pumpkins, apples, pears, plums, figs and other delicacies...

Head to central Istria, where you can enjoy autumn tastes, fragrances and colours in catering facilities included in the event. Tempting menus consist of appetizers, main courses and desserts, and are offered at promotional prices!

Agroturizam Stara štala
Borut, Cerovlje
Pumpkin soup, roasted meat in mushroom sauce, boiled and baked potatoes + seasonal salad, Apple pastry | 18 €

Konoba Dišpet
Zajci, Pićan
Pumpkin gnocchi in a sauce of forest fruit, Suckling pig with a side dish, Legend of autumn| 20 €

Konoba 2. peron
Pumpkin and beet chip risotto, Crispy grilled lamb cutlet with seeds, pumpkin cream and polenta gnocchi, Sweet pumpkin crostata with autumn crumble | 38 €

Konoba Jelenić
Lušetići, Pazin
Aperitif, olive brandy, pumpkin soup, Chanterelle risotto and mixed salad, Pancakes with fig marmalade | 20 €

Konoba Marino
Aperitif, Pumpkin soup, Homemade pasta with mushrooms and salad, Apple pastry or pancake with homemade marmalade |18 €

Tomažova konoba
Vošteni, Sveti Lovreč
Istrian minestrone, pork tenderloin, gnocchi with bacon, špaleta (semi-dried pork front shoulder) and porcini mushrooms, strudel | 20 €

About the event:

Special offer in restaurants and taverns



  • Središnja Istra / Central Istria


  • 06.10. - 27.10.23