Experience Istria

Get tangled up in the spider web of streets in Pula

If you set off on a tour of the center of Pula you will surely get “tangled up” in a spider web. In fact this is a street network that you are bound to pass, but you won’t get lost because the main point of orientation is always the hilltop with a magnificent view of the entire city. Urbanistically, Pula is quite exceptional. The Roman town was built on the site of a pre-Ro - man hill-fort situated on a hilltop. Naturally, such a town had to be on a hill. It was impossible to have a network of streets intersecting at right angles on this hill. So, the Romans constructed two circular concentric streets around the whole hill as the principal forms of communication. These streets would have served no purpose had they not been interconnected at several places by narrow streets linking the foot of the hill with the very top. Today’s city streets and slopes follow the directions of ancient streets and slopes, so when walking through the city, enter this spider web of streets. It’s truly an interesting experience.