Top 5 Istrian Love Affairs

We believe that Istria provides a perfect setting for new love and romantic stories. In addition to falling in love with the natural beauty of the peninsula, you might also meet your soulmate in this magical place. That happened to these romantic couples, who have a special connection with Istria. It is time for you to get to know them.

savudrija1. Count Metternich and his tragic love, Savudrija
In 1818, Count Metternich from Austria built one of the first lighthouses on the Adriatic in Savudrija. Legend has it that he built the lighthouse and the adjacent house for a beautiful lady from Savudrija. The lighthouse was supposed to be their love nest, but the Count’s beloved fell ill and never saw its light. The Savudrija lighthouse stands in memory to this love. To this day, it is the backdrop for the most romantic photos (and proposals) one can imagine.

2. Casanova’s love stories in Vrsar
Giacomo Casanova is the name of the world’s most famous lover. It is no secret that Casanova visited Vrsar twice. During his first visit, he met the maid of Don Girolamo.

The maid, who served and took care of Giacomo when he was ill, resisted his charm at first, but ultimately fell under his spell. Their love did not last because of his constant travels around the world, but visitors can experience what was it like in Casanova’s times in his refuge in the heart of Vrsar.

3. Morosina Morosini and Marino Grimani, Svetvinčenat

Morosina Morosini was the Dogaressa of Venice who, after the death of her husband Pietro Morosini in 1529, inherited the castle in Svetvinčenat. When she married Marino Grimani in 1560, her dowry was this castle, which got the name Morosini-Grimani in honour of their love.

Morosina Morosini was an ambitious and dominant woman. It is particularly interesting that she was the penultimate dogaressa (the last one was Elisabetta Querini). Her influence is also visible at the castle’s entrance, which bears the Morosini family crest to this day.

Vespasian and the gift for his beloved, Pula
Vespasian was a Roman emperor who, according to legend, had the Pula amphitheatre built for his lover, Antonia Cenida. Antonia was first a slave and then a freed woman (liberta) from Pula who managed to convince the great Roman emperor that her beauty was worthy of a grand building such as the Arena.

Via Flavia, which is still today one of the main streets of Pula, was also built in the time of Emperor Vespasian. It is interesting that Vespasian was one of the few Roman emperors who were succeeded by their sons. His son’s name was Titus.

motovun5. Love through the senses: Teran and the Truffle
The last couple whose story we’ll tell is a bit different, but we believe it will dazzle you with its peculiarities. All the treasures of Istria are bottled together in the wine called Teran. It is special because of its tart taste, created by thousands of structures that intensify as the wine ages. Truffles also have a distinct and robust flavour, so it comes as no surprise that, when coupled with Teran, they are simply irresistible.

This duo has a special aura, as evidenced by the festival in their honour. The Teran and Truffle Festival takes place in Motovun every October. For more information about this manifestation, visit: Teran and Truffle Festival.

Once you come to Istria, we recommend that you visit some of the places hiding love secrets and experience the full flavour of the Teran and truffle “love affair”.