Top 5 Must-see Carnival Parades in Istria

Carnival is one of the most attractive and fun events of the year, eagerly awaited by kids and grownups alike. We’re bringing you the most interesting customs of the Istrian masquerade tradition.

maskare clownThe joyful parade of imaginative masks, gaudy costumes and whimsical floats moves down the streets and squares of Istrian towns and villages, entertaining the crowd with music, song and dance.
Dress up, visit the most colourful places from our list and, of course, enjoy traditional treats - fritule and kroštule!

Do not miss “the fifth season” - the wackiest time of the year in this artistic town. Visit Labin and its surroundings, where the town keys are handed over to the carnival crowd, which then organises dances and colourful parades.

The spectacle of “mačkare” - as they call the masquerade in Cerovlje - will surely exhilarate you, and the goofy verdict against Pust, the main culprit responsible for all the troubles, will entertain you and make you laugh!

maskare pula Pula
Enjoy yourself at the great party, parade and masquerade in Pula, which joins in on all the fun surrounding the Carnival. The remarkable Arena, serving as the background to the event, is also a sight to behold.

If you’re in Umag or the surrounding area, join the masquerade and the colourful carnival parades that chase the winter away and announce the eagerly anticipated spring.

There will be no lack of joy and amusement, and you will have the chance to become someone else, at least for a day!

maskare rocBuzet
One of the largest carnivals in northern Istria takes place in Buzet and attracts some thousand masked visitors with dozens of big whimsical floats, but the highlight of this event is a traditional Buzet game called “igra na ruh”.
Don’t know what that is?! Visit Buzet and find out!!

The end of the carnival is marked by the traditional trial of Pust, a masked puppet made of straw and old clothes. His burning represents the banishing of sins that were committed and the mischief caused during the carnival madness.

We invite you to a wild carnival in Istria!