Experience Istria Through 5 Storytelling Events

If you ever wondered if the witches, dragons, hidden treasure and unusual wood dwarfs can be found in Istria, start exploring the rich history, myths and legends which can be found at numerous locations in Istria and discover the mystic side of our peninsula while having fun and enjoying nice summer evenings under the open sky.

July is certainly a month when you can enjoy several storytelling experiences on the Istrian peninsula and Istra Inspirit offers you 5 different stories taking place in Vrsar, Dvigrad, Rabac, Poreč and Medulin.

Casanova tour Vrsar
Walk through the streets of Vrsar inspired by Casanova
If you want to be part of the exciting adventure with the world famous lover who visited Vrsar twice, you have the chance to meet the storyteller Giacomo Casanova in person on the 9th and 23th July in free interpretative walk through the old town of Vrsar.
You will be certainly delighted by the amazing sunsets above the most beautiful archipelago of the western coast of Istria, besides many secrets that you will find out from the intriguing life of our storyteller.

Dvigrad tour
Get to know stories of Dvigrad with entertaining storytelling

If you happen to be around the ruins of this well-known medieval town that was destroyed during the plague at the end of the XV century, you have the opportunity to emerge into its mystical secrets and the life of the population with the friar - storyteller as well as discover, perhaps, the hidden treasure of the famous captain Henry Morgan.

Because, if you didn't know, the legend says that the famous captain buried his robbed treasure in the village near Dvigrad...

Crispo Medulin
Roman tragedy at the peninsula Vižula

At the recently renovated archaeological site Vižula in Medulin where the historical theatre play takes place, it will bring you back in time to the Roman period where you will witness the tragic love story between the Roman heir to the throne Crispo and his stepmother Fausta.

Acting, music and dance performances as well as enjoying one of the most beautiful seaside walks, are enough reason that we meet you in Medulin on 18th July.

Emerge into the magic of Sveti Nikola island with Istra Inspirit
The world of fairies and elves, sea sirens and pirates, Orko and most famous Istrian giant Veli Jože - you can experience at the Sveti Nikola island beside Poreč, every Sunday from July 14th to September 1st. If you want to discover one of many Istrian hidden treasures, go to the magic island walk with funny professor Epolonius de Histri and be a part of authentic story by Istra Inspirit.

Rabac Open Air
Experience the miners’ tradition of Labin and Rabac

If you had the chance to explore the history of Labin area, you certainly know that it is the area with rich miners’ tradition. If you want to be a part of an experience through which you can discover how they used to live and work in the mines of Labinština, what is the 'fourth' brunch and why it is impossible to visit Labin and Rabac, without stepping into the world of miners’ depths - come to Rabac Open Air and with Istra Inspirit journey through time, on 27th July.

For all the storytelling experiences that expect you in Istria during July, August and September you can visit Istra Inspirit.