Istria TOP 5 Restaurants According to Istra Gourmet Guide

We always aim to quality and that is why we listed 5 best restaurants from Istria according to Istra Gourmet 2019-2020 guide.

Other renowned restaurants, taverns and agro tourism restaurants are inside the guide that should be kept by every gastro travel enthusiast in Istria.

Restoran Damir i Ornella
Raw food is IN at this restaurant
Damir & Ornella restaurant is listed among 1000 best restaurants in the world, but beside that it is the number one in Istria according to the newest edition of Istra Gourmet.
At this restaurant where the owners focus on the high quality of the ingredients in their cuisine, you can taste the delicacies such as raw squids and scampi.

Restaurant Monte

Fish delicacies exclusively from the Rovinj market

The Monte Restaurant is in Rovinj, which says enough about the restaurant in which the best seasonal ingredients are their daily inspiration.

You can taste squids, scampi from Kvarner, codfish, mussels from the Lim bay and taste the Mediterranean, as it should be.

Konoba Pergola
Taste the creative dishes at the restaurant in north of Istria
A place which became one of the best restaurant experiences in Croatia is called Pergola and it is located in Zambratia.

Their colourful plates include the traditional ingredients from Istria, such as sea food, fresh fish, olive oil and truffles, and we especially recommend brill baked with fennel in oven.

San Rocco Gourmet
Gourmet experience in the restaurant which once was wine cellar
San Rocco Gourmet restaurant from Brtonigla has traditionally been listed among five best restaurants in Istria, and is often found on the top of Istrian and Croatian gastronomy.

The specialty of this restaurant that is recommended by the Istra Gourmet guide is potato in the salt, egg yolk and white Istrian truffle. Moreover you will enjoy in the pleasant ambience of the restaurant where once there was family wine cellar.

Restaurant Zigante

Truffle dishes that will delight you

Most of the truffles in Istria can be found around Livade so it is natural that you will taste the best dishes made with truffle, also known as “Istrian gold”, in this area.

In Zigante restaurant, you will always find the perfect match of culinary art and aesthetics no matter what you taste, pasta with fresh truffle or truffle ice cream.