Brijuni National Park: The educational underwater trail

The educational underwater trail in Verige Bay on the southern side of Veli Brijun offers unique experience of visiting natural and archaeological sites of the exceptionally rich and well preserved marine world of Brijuni National Park.

ronjenjeThe approximately 500 metres long trail is not particularly demanding. In fact, it has been designed to appeal to users of all ages who can swim and use a diving mask and the snorkel. The tour lasts 45 minutes and includes swimming and underwater sightseeing at small depths using an audio guide and educational panels set up at various experiential points.

Visitors are introduced to the exceptionally valuable contents that may only be seen by means of diving into the sea such as the well-known hydro-archaeological site - a part of the ancient complex of a sumptuous Roman villa from the first century submerged under the sea due to rising sea levels.

There are numerous populations of fish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, algae, sea sponges, crabs and shellfish and the especially attractive noble pen shell, a rare and endangered endemic species strictly protected by law.

brijuniBeside visual perceptions, the tour is special as it offers an audio guide in the sea.
Using special snorkels with the in-built receiver on their underwater tour, visitors listen to expert guides. The information is broadcasted from the coast to the snorkels, and the sound is transmitted through vibrations and bone conduction. The audio guide is available in Croatian, Italian, English and German, complete with music accompaniment.

Aimed at protecting the flora and the fauna of the marine world and preventing any damage inflicted on the sea creatures and hydro-archaeological sites, the educational underwater trail tour is carried out exclusively in small group sizes. Children under the age of 12 must have appropriate adult supervision.

Visitors shall be given the necessary snorkelling gear (diving masks and snorkels), with a possibility to rent underwater cameras.
Weather permitting, the educational trail in Verige remains open from mid-April to mid-October.

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