Istra Inspirit: Travel through time...

On authentic locations throughout Istria, the Istra Inspirit crew stages mythological stories and legends. Visitors will remember the emotions evoked by these performances long after their stay in Istria. This year the performances will be held in: Poreč, Vrsar, Vinkuran (Medulin), Vodnjan, Rabac and Pićan.

inspirit porecThe exciting walks around St Nicholas Island as part of the Poreč Open Air Festival which premiered last year, where visitors have the opportunity to discover stories, myths and legends from Istria’s rich history, will be held this year, too.

As part of the Old fair in Vrsar, Istria Inspirit will revive the unusual and strict rules imposed on the people by the statute of the 17th century Poreč Bishops.
Take a walking tour with the famous lover Casanova through romantic Vrsar, discover the unexplored parts of the old town and experience the unforgettable journey through his love stories.

On the monumental site of the Cave Romane in Vinkuran (Medulin), you can witness the story about the Roman warrior Crispo and his tragic destiny. Find out about the involvement of Crispo’s stepmother in his story.

inspirit morgan
Get to know the tradition and customs of the Medulin port through the entertaining and interactive content of the Malin Fest - Windmill Festival.

Vodnjan’s Stories (Vodnjanske štorije) are performed in Vodnjan and offer visitors the return to the 19th century where they can learn more about the old crafts and join the experience through singing and dancing.

As part of the Rabac Open Air Festival, you will have the opportunity to take part in one of the best Istra Inspirit stories. You will be able to go on a real pirate adventure along with Captain Morgan’s pirates. There will be a fireworks performance as the peak of the evening.

The Legend of Thorndancers is the new Istra Inspirit experience in Pićan, an idyllic place in central Istria. Join St. Nicephorus on his journey to Rome and discover how this exciting story ends.

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