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Austro-Hungarian Navy maritime collection

Very interesting and exclusive in Novigrad! The nautical collection dedicated to the Navy of our great-grandfathers! Uniforms and weapons, pictures and models, photos, maps, projects and nautical tools!

The nautical collection in Novigrad is situated in the old town centre some footsteps from the small city harbour Mandrač. It offers you a journey through time and space, to the period when our ancestors served in the famous Austro-Hungarian Navy. Together they travelled around the world on research and diplomatic missions. On the journeys to other countries and continents, they learned about different cultures and way of living, and they become skilled sailors. The Austro-Hungarian Navy was important for it's activities on the coast. It's impact on the environment in which we live was very significant as the navy built shipyards, schools, harbours and lighthouses, and provided work for many people.

This collection is a must see for sea-lovers, for those interested in of the art of navigation, in history and in model making. Here you will find a unique representation of the naval history. You will discover development of the civil and military life of the Austro-Hungarian Navy as well as tis impact on the civilization and culture up to our times.

See you in Novigrad!

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01.04. - 14.10.2022: Wednesdays to Saturdays: 09:00 - 12:00, 14:00 - 18:00
15.10. - 31.10.2022: by appointment
01.11. - 31.12.2022: closed

Groups (min. 10 people) by appointment

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