Travelling Through the Magical Time of Christmas with Istra Inspirit

Are you getting bored of travelling around and you would like to travel through time and find out all about Christmas adventures with magical creatures of Istrian mythology? Now it's the right time to visit Istria and experience Christmas magic with Istra Inspirit.

Istra Inspirit
HO-HO-HO who has arrived in Istria?
What happens when Santa’s sleigh breaks and he falls into the Pazin abyss on Christmas night when he has to give presents to the children? How will Santa get out of the abyss and who will help him?
Istra Inspirit actors through Santa Claus in Istria performance will give you all the answers.

Christmas themed performance is about Santa Claus, who was stuck in Istria because of a broken sleigh. Considering he has to give presents to the children during the Christmas night, he has no time to waste and must find a way to continue his journey.

Predstava Istra Inspirit
Mythical creatures of Istria
Along the way, he is being surprised by the mythical creatures which he meets through his journey in Istria. Although he is every year in Istria, he never met the naughty Macmalić or Orko.

For the first time, he will discover Istria in a different way and you can find out who will help him on his journey attending the performances of Istra Inspirit in Poreč and Umag.

Djed BožičnjakCold and snowy winter in Istria
Would you like to know more about the real winter in Istria which has covered our peninsula with a white layer of snow? At the top of Učka mountain, the palace of frost was made and Istria is turned into the kingdom of eternal ice. The leading character Kažunić Bepo will tell you what exactly happened when he tried to save Istria from the kingdom of eternal snow and ice.

Will he make it through and what obstacles he will have during this adventure, the audicence will find out the in the new Istra Inspirit performance. Get to know more about the characters of Istrian mythology and experience magic of Christmas with Istra Inspirit.