Istria in gourmet guides

Le Guide de L’Espresso: I Ristoranti & I Vini d’Italia

Once again the gourmet world of Istria caught the eye of connoisseurs. A group of Italian food critics rated a dozen Istrian restaurants for the 2019 edition of their notable I Ristoranti d’Italia guide. Published since 1978 and sold in 110.000 copies, it is highly regarded in Spain, Portugal, France, UK, USA and China.

Although focused on places operating in Italy, they also celebrate restaurants in the neighbourhood. In 2011, they checked out Istria for the first time and reviewed 10 places for their prestigious guide. It was a splendid homage to the culinary art of the nearby Istria, where many Italian traditions still live and thrive.

They evaluate restaurants using the gastro sensibility typical of Italy. Ease of preparation,
and freshness of ingredients are their top criteria; the experience of menu, milieu and service rank high as well. Reviews take the form of narratives specific for each restaurant. Their legendary Chef’s Hats are used in ranking restaurants on a 1 to 5 scale. Restaurants rated with 1 Chef’s Hat have “a good kitchen”, and 5 hats means “absolutely the best”.

Golden Chef’s Hat, introduced last year, is awarded to the new classics of Italian cuisine. Restaurants and cooks are also honoured with sponsors’ prizes in several categories, such as Best Pasta of the Year, Best Coffee of the Year and Best Performance of the Year.

Le Guide de L’Espresso: I Ristoranti & I Vini d’Italia 2019
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