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Kozlović vinarija


Rating: Exquisite

Following the \"Istrian wine revolution\" in the early \'90s, Gianfranco Kozlović from Momjan is the first Istrian winemaker obtaining a national-level award in 1998, when his Malvasia was publicly proclaimed the top quality white wine of Croatia. Plenty of symbolism is present in this act, as G. Kozlović is the most prominent representative of young wine rebels of Istria who dared to bring some drastic changes into the rutine family tradition of winemaking which haven\'t always been approved by the elders. Gianfranco dedicated himself completely to winemaking so that at present, his cellar bears the reputation of being one among other cult places of Croatian wine production, but also, one of the largest wine laboratories in the country. Despite a variety of experimental actions in the fileld, Kozlović remains a synonym for producing the Momjan Muscat.


  • Vale 78, Momjan-Momiano


  • Gianfranco Kozlović


  • Malvazija istarska, 0,75 l

  • Santa Lucija (barrique), 0,75 l

  • Teran, 0,75 l

  • Muškat momjanski, 0,5 l

White vs. Red wine: 90% - 10%

Vineyard area: 30 Ha

Mini boutique: Yes


Malvazia 2018 - IWC bronze award Wine Expo Poland
Malvazija Santa Lucia 2016 - IWC bronze award Wine Expo Poland
Teran 2018 - IWC gold award Wine Expo Poland

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