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Aeropark Vrsar

The Sports Airport Vrsar is located is the middle of green fields alongside the Adriatic coast, not far from Lim Channel, a protected natural phenomenon. It is the perfect stop for any inquisitive traveller.

Providing panoramic flights over Istria or flights to Venice, at the Aero park, you can visit old planes exhibition which is open all year round. It is the only museum in Europe that offers to enter planes with open cockpit to all visitors. MiG21 airplane is the only fighter aircraft from the Cold War period that offers open cabin for all visitors to sit and look at the instruments.

There is also a small photo gallery featuring the history of aviation in Istria, an exhibition of artefacts linked to flying, a corner for kids, and a charming terrace that is partly set under the wing of an old-timer plane, providing a unique experience. Several of the larger airplanes are open to visitors, letting you take a look at the cockpits.

Aeropark Vrsar was the host of the Red Bull Airace races in 2014 and 2015 which started a special corner of the park in honour of these magnificent races.

Oldtimer exhibition:

It consists of 10 oldtimer planes which are very interesting to all history lovers:
Antonov 2 from 1950. MZL Poland
Turbolet L-410, 1980, Let Kunovice, CSSR
Mig 21, 1980, Mikoyan Gurevich, SSSR
Turbolet cargo, 1985, Let Kunovice, CSSR
Piper Archer, PA_28, USA
Experimental-chrashed 2013, Austria
Cessna 150, USA
Cessna 172, USA
Morano Saulnier, Relly 880, France
Cessna 337, Skynmaster, Pushpull

Adventure in the sky:
Stunt flying
Flying school
Skydiving school
Adrenaline tandem jumps

Working hours:
01.04. - 30.09.2022: 09:00 - 19:00

Aeropark Vrsar
Tourist Airport Vrsar
Stancija Crljenka 1, Vrsar
T. +385 (0)91 525 1109
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Aeropark Vrsar
Aeropark Vrsar
Aeropark Vrsar
Aeropark Vrsar
Aeropark Vrsar
Aeropark Vrsar
Aeropark Vrsar
Aeropark Vrsar
Aeropark Vrsar
Aeropark Vrsar

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