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Underwater Park Verudela

20,000 leagues under the sea - the Istrian way

The beauties of the Istrian coast are known far and wide, and it is now possible to learn more about Istria's underwater world in a simple, fun and unusual way too. The Verudela Underwater Park is a unique experience that does not require special preconditions, just the desire for new experiences. Located on the peninsula of the same name close to Pula, it extends over almost 200 square metres under water, whilst its depth reaches up to 4 metres.
Access to the park is from the coast and the only thing you will need to descend into the depths of the Istrian underwater is a helmet. It is especially designed for this adventure, weighing 40 kilograms in order to keep visitors on the bottom of the sea, and is placed just before the descent. A rubber tube connects it to a bank of oxygen, which allows normal breathing and movement.

A maximum of 5 visitors can stay underwater at the same time who, together with a diving leader, pass along the entire submarine promenade. A number of activities can be experienced at the Verudela Underwater Park such as sitting on a bench, cuddling sea urchins, feeding a school of fish, holding shrimps and looking at the remains of a wreck. If you wish to test your coordination skills in the sea, you can even try to ride a bike! In order to record all of these special and interesting moments for posterity, the diver can photograph and/or film the entire tour.

All necessary information and instructions for the tour as well as the strict rules of conduct required when being lowered into the sea, can be found at the house situated close to the point of entry to the park. The underwater adventure on Verudela will be long remembered, especially because of the indescribable feeling the experience of staying under water offers.

Working hours:
VII - 15.IX: 13:00 - 19:00

200 kn per person

Groups by appointment
Suitable for children over 10 years

Information & contact:
Near Hotel Brioni, HR-52100 Pula
Contact: Dean Počeko
M. +385 (0)99 6750308
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