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Stancija St. Antonio



A really good debut for this farm, which has proposed a really interesting range of products. Milenko Marjanović has been running San Antonio since 2009. The specialized olive grove covers 14 hectares with 7,500 young trees. In the last harvest 80 quintals of olives were produced, which, once crushed, yielded 10 hectolitres of oil. There are four excellent Monocultivar Extra Virgin San Antonio: Istarska Bjelica, Buža, Karbonaca and Puntoža, which we recommend. It is an intense limpid golden yellow colour with slight green hues. Its aroma is elegant and ample, rich in fruity hints of unripe tomato, banana and white apple, together with fragrant hints of basil and field balm. Its taste is rotund and strong, with a vegetal flavour of chicory and fresh broad beans, lettuce and celery. Bitterness and pungency are present and balanced, with evident sweetness. It would be ideal on mayonnaise, chickpea appetizers, sea bream carpaccio, ovoli mushroom salads, marinated trout, broad bean purée, fish cous cous, fried vegetables, steamed fish, soft fresh cheese, oven cookies.


Number of trees: 8000

Olive oil cultivars:

  • Frantoio
  • Leccino
  • Oblica
  • Rosinjola
  • Moraiolo
  • Buža
  • Buža puntoža

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