Istria top 5

Top 5 Experiences in Istria for Families with Kids

Children always want to be entertained and even better if the experiences are designed especially for them. If your family is spending holidays in Istria during August, we suggest some experiences where your children will create memorable moments.

Princess ballPrincess Ball at idyllic locations in Istria
Your youngest ones like princesses from the fairy tales, super heroes and other characters from the cartoons? Princess Ball that is held during the Poreč Open Air and Rabac Open Air festivals is the event that will certainly fulfil all the children's expectations about princes and princesses.

Kids can dress up as their favourite characters, watch the Alice in Wonderland show and enjoy their time in front of the Isabella castle at the Sveti Nikola Island in Poreč and in the park in front of Valamar Sanfior hotel in Rabac.

Malin Fest, unique fusion of tradition and entertainment
The square beside the old windmill in Medulin is where Malin Fest takes place and it is a perfect fusion of tradition and entertainment ideal for your children.
Meet the Pošić brothers and hear about their story about the construction of the windmills, join the funny games such as sack race and make your own souvenir, inspired by the old windmill of Medulin.

Srednjovjekovni festival
The Medieval festival, ideal opportunity to travel through time 
The picturesque town of Svetvinčenat is adorned by the Morosini-Grimani castle where, during the Medieval festival in August, you have the chance to get to know the customs of the Middle Ages.

Let your children learn about the old crafts and skills, experience old traditional games, meet the court jester and knights at the Medieval festival.

Kid's day Novigrad as a perfect day for each child

Novigrad will become a big open space playground in August, suitable for children of different ages. Children will travel into the imaginary world of circus performances together with jongleurs, wizards and other characters that will certainly put a smile at children's faces, but also will cheer up all of you who have a kid inside you. See you at Kid's day!

Why children would not create their own experiences?
We believe that each parent wants that his kids have a dream vacation, and this can be easily done by you!
Choose the activities that your children love most, let them choose the food that they prefer to eat, places that they want to visit and transform one day into the day the children decide about the all the activities. We believe that it will be the event that they will remember the most because it was created by them.

We hope we reminded you that the entertainment and smiles should be part of each family vacation, and we believe you will find such in Istria.