Svjetski dan turizma 2021--



  • Ecomuseum "Vlaški puti" is a place of valorization and presentation of the social history and traditional culture of Šušnjevica and the surrounding area through the concept of cultural landscape. It consists of an interpretation center and a media library established in the old local school, as well as pedestrian themed trails through the Učka Nature Park that are directly related to the life and activities of the community. On October 1, visitors will be able to tour the Interpretation Center from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at a promotional price of KN 15.00. Children will have free entry. You can download the mobile app Putevima contrabanda - themed trails for free and enjoy a walk along the trails, the first of which starts in Šušnjevica right behind the Interpretation Center.

  • Adapted to people with
    disabilities: YES
  • Open in case of rain: YES
  • Uz prethodnu najavu: NO

Content 1:

  • Tour of the Wallachian Road Interpretation Center
  • Duration: 1/2 hour
  • Appointment:
    Saturday 01/10
    od 10 do 18 sati svakih 20 min
  • Price on tourism day: Admission for adults is 15.00 Kn, children are free.
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