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Istrien Magazin presents interesting information and novelties in Istria's tourist offer

Istrien MagazinThe Istria Tourist Board has, during the years, as part of its publishing activity, created a significant number of highly popular publications for the purpose of promoting tourism of Istria and Croatia both at home and abroad. Besides the image catalogue of the destination, there is the Vacation Planner and other specialized publications which were created and thematically developed with the growth of tourist offer in Istria. One of those editions is Istrien Magazin, published in German. It collects all the information about the Istrian peninsula and is published in collaboration of Istria Tourist Board, KG Media Agency and A.R.T. Redaktionsteam.

The new 2019 edition of this publication in German was issued at the beginning of the year. It is a magazine that consists of 82 pages with the purpose of promoting Istria on tourist fairs in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and parts of Italy, as well as special Istria Tourist Board and partners’ presentations, the organization of study travels and cooperation with the German speaking journalists. A certain number of copies of the magazine is distributed to the local tourist boards, tour operators and tourist agencies, occasionally at events and congresses and if asked for through the Information centre of Istria.

Istrien Magazin presents the latest and most attractive Istrian tourist offer through articles, stories, interviews and tips for tourists, and every year it brings special novelties from the hotel industry (new and improved hotels and campsites offer). A large part of the publication is dedicated to the gastronomic offer in Istria of which German guests are particularly fond of.

Also, readers have the opportunity to find out which interesting events and concerts are waiting for them on the coastal part of Istria while journalists have prepared content about the activities and excursions to the less known inland parts of the peninsula.

It has been almost 20 years since the first edition of Istrien Magazin was published. It has been well received by its readers and has its loyal public who each year look forward to read the news from their favourite destination. It has become an important advisor to new readers in planning their annual holidays and a very significant marketing tool.
This magazine is recommended as an interesting and a very informative read on numerous websites and social networks. It is also an important help in decision making of where and how to spend the holiday on the Istrian peninsula.