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Get inspired by the extraordinary experiences designed exclusively for Mastercard users/2019

San Servolo
Bathe in freshly brewed beer

Discover the unique health and beauty benefits of beer during an over- night stay for two at San Servolo Resort, a four-star hotel in Buje that's also home to a craft brewery. You and your special someone will get settled in your deluxe room first before heading to the resort spa. There, between dips in the pool and sauna, you'll soak in a luxurious beer bath to help restore and revitalize your skin and hair. During your stay, you'll also be treated to a delicious dinner at the hotel's steakhouse, a complimentary breakfast, and a special gift to take home. This experience is available at - only for Mastercard® cardholders.

San Servolo
Dine in style with one of the biggest names in Istrian wine

Meet famous Istrian winemaker Bruno Trapan during a wine tasting and dinner at his modern, artistically inspired winery, Wine Station Trapan. You and a loved one will spend the evening with the master, as he introduces you to his various wines and shares stories of how his winery came to be. Afterward, you'll indulge in a specially prepared dinner, crafted with local ingredients in classic Istrian style while taking in the winery's lively atmosphere. This experience is available at - only for Mastercard® cardholders.

Zigante tourGo on a guided truffle-hunting expedition in the Motovun Forest

Take a guided truffle-hunting tour through the Motovun Forest with experts from the truffle-centric Restaurant Zigante. Head into the preserved lowland forest and sift through the loamy soil to unearth the prized fungi, packed with a unique and intense umami flavour that makes them one of the world's most sought-after delicacies. Moreover, try a special menu at the Zigante Restaurant and enjoy the evening with popular Istrian black truffles delicacies. Taste specialties such as truffle goat cheese mousse, homemade tagliatelle with fresh black truffles, boskarin (Istrian cattle) in truffle sauce and truffle ice cream. This experience is available at - only for Mastercard® cardholders.

San Rocco
Savour the flavours of Istrian wine and cuisine

Treat yourself to a 10-course dinner for two with Croatian wine pairings at the award-winning San Rocco Heritage Hotel & Gourmet Restaurant. You and a guest will savour a meal that stars classic Istrian ingredients like truffles, olive oil, and fresh, locally caught fish and wild game. Every course is paired with a local wine to tease out the full flavour of each dish. The restaurant's sommelier will guide you through each course and regale you with stories about each wine you taste. This experience is available at - only for Mastercard® cardholders.

Eat IstriaSee and taste the best of Istria's natural wineries

Take a guided tour of two natural wineries in Istria with someone special. You'll head to rolling hills of Central Istria to indulge in a tasting of their finest red and white low-intervention wines and learn about the production processes that make them so special. Plus, you'll savour a lunch featuring locally sourced ingredients and take in your stunning surroundings between winery visits. Moreover, discover what makes Istrian olive oil the best in the world during the tour of two renowned olive oil producers. You will explore the olive groves of the Vodnjan region and learn how to produce each type of olive oil, and at each location you will taste at least three varieties. You will also have an opportunity to try homemade delicacies prepared with various olive oils to achieve the perfect taste. Additionally, you will be able to taste the only balsamic vinegar produced in Istria. This experience is available at - only for Mastercard® cardholders.