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All road and sea border crossings in Istria have been removed

 - Entry of Croatia into the Schengen area has been marked -

After the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve, ramps were raised at six road border crossings with the Republic of Slovenia in Istria, symbolically marking Croatia's entry into the Schengen area.

The ceremony took place at the Plovanija border crossing, organized by the Region of Istria and the City of Buje-Buie. The ramp was raised precisely at midnight to the sound of "Ode to Joy" performed by the Brass Band of the Italian Community of Buje-Buie, and those present were greeted by the Region’s President, Boris Miletić, Mayor of Buje-Buie, Fabrizio Vižintin, Head of the Police Department of Istria, Alen Klabot and Deputy Mayor of the City of Koper, Janez Starman.

In addition to the Plovanija border crossing, at midnight the ramps were also raised at the Kaštel, Požane, Jelovice, Lucija and Slum border crossings, while the maritime border crossings in Rovinj and Poreč and the seasonal crossings in Novigrad and the ACI marina in Umag also stopped working.

The opening of the Customs wharf to the public was marked with celebration in Poreč on New Year's morning. Hundreds of Poreč residents and guests gathered on the wharf, which occupies a central position on the city's waterfront, and welcomed this historic decision by being together and dancing.

Controls at airports will be carried out until March 26, 2023.

Photo credit: PU istarska


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