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Decanter 2020: Successful Istrian Winemakers

Each real wine lover will stop and pay attention when Decanter World Wine Award is mentioned. Decanter, a British wine magazine, each year organizes a world's largest evaluating wine competition. This year's competition included the 16.518 wine samples from 56 countries and Croatian wine producers have been awarded 226 medals.

Exceptionally, the lesser-known wine regions that produce wine with the best measure of the price and quality were recognized. Traditionally, France, Italy, Spain, the USA and Australia are ranked high on the world's best wine list.

This year, Croatia has achieved some amazing results with 3 platinum, 11 gold, 68 silver and 88 bronze medals, and most of those come from Istria - the best Croatian wine region.

Especially, it is important to highlight two prestigious platinum medals and 97 points awarded to the Istrian winemakers: Cattunar for Malvasia Nono 4 Terre from the year 2015 and Kozlović for Malvasia Selection from 2017. Not less important is the gold medal and 96 points awarded to Klaudio Tomaz with Barbarossa Teran wine from 2017.

Istria each year achieves higher quality in the wine production, and success of the Istrian winemakers at the Decanter competition proves that its quality is recognized as one among the world's top wine regions.


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