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Important notification: Traffic in Istria 07/10/23

The Istria300 road cycling marathon will be taking place in Istria on Saturday, October 7. It consists of 3 races starting in Poreč at 7 a.m., which are run almost through the whole Istria.

Certain sections of the race route will be partially or completely closed at certain times, and traffic will proceed according to special traffic regulations under the supervision of the Croatian MUP (Ministry of Interior Affairs) together with the organiser's warden service. On most sections, vehicles will be allowed to pass in the direction of the race or across the route itself, although on some sections traffic will be difficult for several hours.


Special traffic regulations in Istria: Saturday, 07.10.2023
Special emphasis of traffic regulation can be seen in areas of the following cities:
Poreč, Pazin and Labin » City plan with road directions

Special traffic regulation will take place at the following times and in these specific areas:
» Interactive route maps: Istria155Istria235Istria300 


Review of the special regulation - Approximate schedule:

Western part of Istria
• 6:45-7:30 Poreč - Vrsar
• 7:00-8:00 Vrsar - Sv. Lovreč
• 7:15-9:00 Sv. Lovreč - Dvigrad - Kanfanar - Svetvinčenat
• 10:30-18:30 Vižinada - Kaštelir - Červar - Poreč

Southern part of Istria
• 8:00-10:00 Most Raša (Pula-Labin)
• 8:30-11:30 Most Raša - Trget - Brovinje (near Koromačna)

Central part of Istria
• 8:00-10:00 Balići - Salamunišće
• 8:30-10:30 / 11:00-14:30 Žminj - Bazgalji - Pazin
• 9:00-15:00 Pazin - Grdoselo - Čerišnjevica - Ladavci
• 9:30-11:30 Ladavci - Katun Trviški - Karojba - Motovun - Livade
• 10:00-13:30 Potpićan - Marišće - Perinići - Benazići - Jakaćići - Žminj
• 11:00-14:15 Cerovlje - Gologorica - Afrići - Boljunsko Polje - Šupljini - Staraji - Dolenja Vas
• 11:30-14:30 Dolenja Vas - Mrzlići - Borut - Cerovlje
• 11:30-15:30 Ladavci - Butoniga
• 12:15-15:30 Cerovlje - Kovačići - Oslići - Račički Brijeg - Prodani - Vrh - Butoniga

Eastern part of Istria
• 9:30-13:00 Skitača - Ravni - Salakovci - Labin - Šumber - Potpićan

Northern part of Istria
• 09:30-17:30 Livade - Oprtalj
• 10:00-18:00 Oprtalj - Šterna - Stanica - Bijele Zemlje - Ponte Porton - Vižinada

Regardless of the temporary traffic regulation that will be in effect on that day, the emergency services and all vehicles involved in the health and safety of residents will be allowed to pass through with increased security measures.

We would like to thank all road users for their patience!

»» Istria300: Traffic info
Organiser: Bike Triangle
Additional information is available at any time by calling +385 99 848 7175


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