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Istria has started vaccinating employees in the tourist sector

In preparation for the 2021 tourist season, Istria has launched a number of activities for its guests in order to preserve and maintain a favourable epidemiological situation and enable a more pleasant and safe stay for guests on the Istrian peninsula, as well as their easier return home.

Register of BAT-locations
In order to provide all guests returning to their home countries with an accelerated, high-quality and efficient way of rapid testing, Istria has prepared a special register with 80 sites for rapid antigen testing (BAT), divided into fixed and mobile points.

Vaccination of employees in the tourist sector
An important key element for the reception of guests in Istria is the vaccination of employees working in the tourism sector carried out by the Region of Istria’s Institute of Public Health and its Institute of Emergency Medicine.

In the first cycle, which is about to begin, about five hundred employees from the first priority group will be vaccinated - including employees who are in direct contact with guests. A total of 15,000 tourist workers and 10,000 private renters are expected to be vaccinated.

Digital platform for testing
This new digital platform should enable the quality management of the testing process at the planned BAT sites. It is a registry to support organisational and logistics teams carrying out testing. Through the platform, teams will have a detailed insight into planning according to the number of registered candidates and checkpoints, in order to avoid crowds and to have an unhindered flow of guests.

Daily information on the web portal
On the official destination portal, detailed information related to arrivals and stays in Istria is published daily, and is regularly checked and updated.
- daily reports
- epidemiological measures in force
- procedures in case of suspicion of COVID-19
- answers to frequently asked questions and other useful information.

Stay Safe in Croatia
The national project Safe Stay in Croatia, the award of safety labels is being implemented in Istria too, for the implementation of measures and protocols that ensure that guests have a pleasant and quality stay here. As many as 5,000 labels have been distributed to tourist stakeholders in Istria in the first phase, which is just the beginning, since the awarding of safety labels will continue in the coming period.


Hotels and camps open in May