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Istrian Agritourism Doors Open Days

A very turbulent history of Istria left a huge imprint on the local gastronomy, culture and customs. Therefore, the goal of the Istrian Agritourism Doors Open Days is to present the Istrian traditional cuisine by offering an authentic experience.

dani agriturizma

Istrian Agritourism Doors Open Days is a unique enogastronomic event that will take place during five weekends: 31.10.-01.11., 07.-08.11., 14.-15.11., 21.-22.11. and 28.-29.11.2020, on several locations all over the Istria County.
Farms included in this event offer menus based on their own products in combination with various other activities, e.g. seeing farm animals, folk music and dance, live music, and presentation of their product and product of the local family farms.

All interested visitors can ask for the information related to the menu offer of specific farms providing agritourism services at the official website of the event at and they can reserve their time directly with a particular farm providing agritourism services. As a part of their menu, every farm providing agritourism services offers an appetiser, a starter, main course, side dish and dessert at the promotional price of HRK 105.00. The visitors will be able to round up their overall agritourism experience by visiting cycling and walking tracks where they will learn about the countryside, try the indigenous homemade delicacies and various additional activities such as production of the cukerančići cookies, taste products of local farms and maybe even dance a tipical istrian dance.

Indulge in the magic of agritourism, guardians of the gastronomic traditions and enjoy in all kinds of delicacies. Reserve you place in time so that you could experience the Istrian gastronomic story supplemented by tasting of various products gifted by the Istrian soil and prepared with love on farms providing agritourism services.

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