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World Tourism Day in Istria 2020

Marking the World Tourism Day in Istria in 2020

This year, for the fifth consecutive year, the Administrative Department for Tourism of the County of Istria is organizing and encouraging participation in the marking of World Tourism Day, in order to draw the attention of the local population and tourists to a great number of amenities and attractions Istria has to offer. This year, World Tourism Day is held under the motto: "TOURISM AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT".

''The World Tourism Day in Istria 2020 will be marked on Saturday, 26 September, and Sunday, 27 September, from 10 am to 6 pm at 63 spots throughout Istria, where you can enjoy tourist attractions with discounts of up to 50% or completely free of charge. We're making our offer more accessible so the visitors can get acquainted with the facilities and attractions of Istria, thus strengthening their promotion. In addition to adrenaline parks, museums, castles, caves, protected areas, workshops, performances and the like, all those interested will be able to visit numerous winemakers, olive growers, truffle hunters and other local producers who joined us on this occasion. A great number of local tourist boards joined the event with their programmes.'' said Nada Prodan Mraković, Head of the Administrative Department for Tourism.

All those who wish to attend can visit the website and have a look at and book the contents offered, as well as obtain the necessary information directly from the organizers. Inquiries and reservations can be made by e-mail, telephone or in person with the selected service provider. Apart from the website, the announcements, notices and other interesting things related to the marking of the World Tourism Day 2020 in Istria can be found on Facebook and Instagram, where you can leave your comment, "like" or share your photos and videos with the recommended hashtags:


We would like to draw special attention to the importance of complying with hygiene and other preventive measures of social distancing recommended by the competent Civil Protection Headquarters, by guests, hosts and providers of tourist services alike!

World Tourism Day is marked every year on 27 September by various events around the world, and this particular date was chosen to coincide with an important moment for World Tourism Organization, the day its Statute was adopted in 1970.

World Tourism Day is marked to raise awareness of the international community about tourism and its economic, sociological, cultural and political significance. By introducing innovation and digital achievements, among other objectives of sustainable development, tourism is given the possibility to become more significantly involved in the life of the community, as well as to strengthen the local community and manage its resources efficiently.

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