• Microsoft WinDays 17

    25.04.2017 - 28.04.2017

    Poreč-Parenzo, Resort Valamar Isabella Island/Valamar Diamant Hotel

    17th business & IT technology conference

    Resort Valamar Isabella Island/Valamar Diamant Hotel

    17th business & IT technology conference

    WinDays are usually divided in two parts - the technology and business conferences. Participants in the technology programme are well acquainted with the great lecturers and hot news from technology world. Many will have the chance to meet key Microsoft technologies and products and to learn basics about the areas that aren't their core competency.


    MPG d.o.o.
    + 385 1 6064 600

  • Collegium Spring Break Festival

    28.04.2017 - 02.05.2017

    Tar-Torre, Lanterna Resort (Resort Lanterna)

    Electronic music festival

    Lanterna Resort (Resort Lanterna)

    Electronic music festival

    Music festival with a program consisting of day beach parties at Marina Restaurant, boat party, secret party, tent party and evening fun at Zodiak Club.


    +385 52 465 000

  • 1st May Recreational Parenzana



    Guided cycling, running and walking - the starting point of the bay Peškera

    10,00 h

    Guided cycling, running and walking - the starting point of the bay Peškera

    Start a path of health and friendship with your family and friends, go through Parenzana on adventurous and recreational gathering from Poreč to Baredine...

    Parenzana, once a popular narrow path which was a meandering connection between Trieste and Poreč, primarily was used for the transportation of wine. Today it is an attractive pedestrian and cycle path riddled with numerous tunnels and viaducts, which leaves cyclists, walkers, runners and searchers simply breathtless. The most famous Istrian path invites you to, while cycling, running or walking through fragments of her magnificent route, be a part of a manifestation that along the 10 km brings together natural beauty and recreation on the spring sun.

    May Day Parenzana takes us from Poreč, across the Borik beach to restaurant “Špadić”, then along the main road to the Vranići roundabout, through Parenzana route until we reach Baredine, and then using the same itinerary back to Poreč.

    Poreč, Peškera, 10:00 am

    Equip yourself and bring only good mood, invite your loved ones and join the all day adventure in roaring through the centennial Parenzana paths!

    The cyclist route wil be around 20 km long, while the running and walking route will be 8 km long. The terrain consists of asphalt, gravel roads and forrest trails. For the cyclist the MTB is OBLIGATORY. We recomend to wear a helmet and a spare inner tube.
    In Baredine will be lunch for all partecipants, entrataiment program and a free visit to the cave. There is no adminssion fee.
    For organisation reasons please register in advance on:

    • Participation at your own risk
    • Information about eventual postponing or cancelling the event will be published on the Internet sites and social networks three days prior to the event
    • All partecipans shall comply to the instructions of the personnal and to the traffic regulations when they are on the road

    The organisator maintains the right to change the program


    TZ Poreč, BK Poreč
    Zagrebačka 9 +385 (0)52 451 293

  • Tourist Season Opening


    Tar-Torre, Školsko igralište (School Playground)

    Školsko igralište (School Playground)

    The participants are the nursery schools ‘‘RADOST’‘ TAR and ‘‘PAPERINO’‘, the elementary school from TAR – VABRIGA, the Brass Band of the Italian national community ‘‘Giovanni Palma’‘ from Tar, the vocal band ‘‘I Barcaioli’‘,  free portions of pilchards for all.

    Over 1500 visitors are expected.

  • Poreč, Town of Mosaics

    01.05.2017 - 15.05.2017

    Poreč-Parenzo, Lapidarium Zavičajnog muzeja Poreštine (Lapidarium)

    International mosaic art simposium

    Lapidarium Zavičajnog muzeja Poreštine (Lapidarium)

    International mosaic art simposium

    The specific artistic heritage has ranked the city of Poreč among special cities with rich cultural heritage. The most prominent symbol of the city's cultural and archaeological heritage is the preserved and valuable mosaic sculpture of the Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica, inscribed on the UNESCO's World Heritage List.

    More than 14 centuries had passed from the last mosaic sculpture on this site until 2012 and the launch of the MOSAIC CITY project for the urban regeneration of mosaic art based on cultural heritage as a foundation for further production.

    The Mosaic City Symposium will gather relevant international and Croatian artists and experts between 2 and 16 May, 2016. Its aim is to establish a precondition as well as a technical possibility for creating new and valuable pieces of art for which the City of Poreč would become known and included in the international tourist and art map as a recognizable site for its valuable collection of ancient and modern mosaic works of art.

    Results obtained from artistic, professional and scientific work of the Symposium will remain a permanent heritage of the city and future generations.

  • Laurus Nobilis


    Poreč-Parenzo, Istarska sabornica (The Istrian Assembly Hall)

    Award ceremony

    Istarska sabornica (The Istrian Assembly Hall)

    Award ceremony

    Laurus nobilis award ceremony for the original fiction book for higher classes of Elementary school and High school

  • Wine Nights

    06.05.2017 - 13.05.2017

    Poreč-Parenzo, Riva (Waterfront)

    Entertaining and gastronomic manifestation during Vinistra

    Entertaining and gastronomic manifestation during Vinistra

    Wine Nights is an entertainment and gastronomic event held on the Poreč waterfront during Vinistra. Having finished their Vinistra-related daily activities, guests can continue to enjoy wine and food in the pleasant atmosphere of the Poreč waterfront accompanied by entertainment and music including the stand-up comedy show by Željko Pervan, concerts by Natali Dizdar and Frajle, and short wine culture lectures as well as the possibility to win valuable prizes.

  • 24th Vinistra

    12.05.2017 - 14.05.2017

    Poreč-Parenzo, Žatika (Žatika Sports Centre)

    International wine exhibition

    Žatika (Žatika Sports Centre)

    International wine exhibition

    The widespread reputation of the leading exhibition of the wine and other autochthonous agrarian Istrian products such as grappa, olive oil, honey, cheese and prosciutto, confirms the gastronomic importance of these products. Three days of exhibition are fulfilled with various happenings because Vinistra is not just the local products exhibition, but an event implying professional wine tastings, presentations and topic meetings as well.

    Apart from Istrian winemakers, there are also Slovenian, Italian and Hungarian colleagues who take part in the competitions. The judge panel, chosen as in other similar world events, consists both of professionals as well as people who simply like and enjoy wine and who find it very precious for their work.

    The main purpose of the exhibition is the wine quality testing while other different off-programs make Vinistra even more interesting. This high-quality event unites a record number of wine exhibitors in one place for a few days and makes possible the education and further development of the wine regarding knowledge. Vinistra became the major exhibition of that kind in Croatia and its ever growing significance confirms the number of the exhibitors coming from the whole country of Croatia as well as from abroad.


    T. +385 052 621 698

  • SUPer Surfers Challenge-Lanterna

    13.05.2017 - 14.05.2017

    Lanterna (Tar-Torre), Poreč, Otok Sveti Nikola (Poreč, Sveti Nikola Island)

    Croatian 4th Stand up paddling race

    Poreč, Otok Sveti Nikola (Poreč, Sveti Nikola Island)

    Croatian 4th Stand up paddling race

    The fourth edition of the international stand-up paddle race which is a part of the Cro SUP Tour and the qualifying race for the world championships. The 13 km long race sets off from the island of Sveti Nikola, passes along the Poreč waterfront, and finishes at the Valamar Club Tamaris. Apart from the professional race, the amateur race will also take, as well as several SUP supporting activities such as SUP Yoga, SUP Polo, SUP race of eights etc. for all competitors and other visitors.

  • Malen in Istrien

    15.05.2017 - 19.05.2017

    Tar-Torre, Atelier Snježana Vidović

    Painting course

    10,00 - 17,00 h

    Atelier Snježana Vidović

    Painting course

    Your teacher will be well-known Croatian artist Snježana Vidović. People call Istria sometimes the "Small Tuscan of Croatia". The experienced artist will accompany you every day to another attractive place to paint in various painting techniques. Express your feelings and creativity in your favorite painting technique.

    Paint and enjoy, that's her motto. You will visit the most beautiful ares of Istria, to make these days memorable. Everywhere we will feel the pristine beauty of nature, the friendliness of the people and the culinary skills of local farmers.

    Malen in Istrien 2017:
    1. Spring painting course,          15.05. - 19.05. 2017      (10:00 – 17:00 o'clock)
    2. Summers painting course,      19.06. - 23.06. 2017      (10:00 – 17:00 o'clock)
    3. Painting course at september, 18.09. - 22.09. 2017      (10:00 – 17:00 o'clock)
    4. Autumns painting course,       09.10. - 13.10. 2017      (10:00 – 17:00 o'clock)


    Atelier Snježana Vidović
    Perci 9a, Tar + 385 099 302 6788

  • DanceStar Festival

    24.05.2017 - 28.05.2017

    Poreč-Parenzo, Intersport Centar (Intersport Sports Center)

    World Dance Championship

    Intersport Centar (Intersport Sports Center)

    World Dance Championship

    Stop for a moment and dash yourself into DanceStar orbit!

    Again this year Poreč is honoured to become a host of DanceStar World Dance Masters where more than 5,000 world's best dancers will gather from 24th until 28th of May. Poreč will be the centre of the dance for a few days which and no one will be able to resist it.

    DanceStar is a synonym for top-quality dance competitions which are held all over the world, with a grand finale in Poreč. 2017 is the 10th anniversary of DanceStar. Every year it has been increasing by expanding its relevance and getting into the world market. A growing trend is reflected in numerous collaborations with reputable figures from domestic and international dance scene.

    High attendance confirms the attractiveness of Poreč finals which provides the opportunity for general audience to attend. Besides friends and family who are closely looking performance of their well-trained dancers, all spectators are contributing towards the cheerful atmosphere.

    In addition to its educational efforts, the fun part takes place in various additional activities. There will be a party under the starry sky of Poreč and the music will be performed by well-known DJs. The entry is free.

    The spotlight of DanceStar event is certainly the Gala Night which will be held in the beautiful hall Žatika at 8 p.m. The dance floor will glow with the best choreography which will have the chance to win one of the prestigious awards.

    Be sure to save your spot at spectacular Gala Night and visit the 10th anniversary of DanceStar World Dance Masters.

    DanceStar schedule of events:

    22. - 24.05. DanceStar All Other Countries: qualifying tournament, Intersport Centar
    24. - 28.05. DanceStar World Dance Masters, Intersport centar
    24.05., 25.05. i 27.05. DanceStar Open Air party, Zelena laguna beach (free antrance)

    26.05. u 20h Gala Night, Hall „Žatika“ Poreč


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Already receiving significant earned media in outlets such as National Geographic Traveler Huffington Post and mention in notable guidebooks like Lonely Planet, international journalists and tour operators alike continue the praise heaped upon the Istrian peninsula and all it has to offer making it one of the world's top destinations.