• Christmas Magic

    01.12.2017 - 06.01.2018

    Rovinj-Rovigno, Gradsko središte (town centre)

    Christmas & New Year programs

    Gradsko središte (town centre)

    Christmas & New Year programs

    In December, Rovinj turns into a true Christmas fairy-tale. In fact, Christmas Magic and its numerous events cater to all tastes. There will be the ice skating rink, live music, concerts, exhibitions, gourmet offer on the square, creative workshops, films at the cinema, theatre shows, etc.  


    9-26 December 2017 Marshall Tito Square: Ice skating rink in Rovinj

    11-15 December 2017 Coworking Rovinj-Rovigno: Christmas Workshops Faro11

                                    11 December at 18.00 – Making holiday candles (taught by Fiorenza Šaban)

                                    12 December at 18.00 h –  I pad workshop – making and printing digital Christmas cards for all ages (taught by Slavko Vukmanov Šimokov)

                                    13 December at 18.00 – Christmas decorations workshop (taught by Fiorenza Šaban)

                                    14 December at 18.00 – Christmas bauble workshop (taught by Jelena Petranović)

                                    15 December at 18.00 – Floral Art – Christmas wreath making workshop (taught by Danijela Dragić)

    16 December 2017 19.30 MMC: Rovinj Brass Orchestra, concert

                                18.00 Valbruna Hall: Dance performance of Majorettes Association of Rovinj

    16-18 December 2017 Italian Community 10.00-12.00; 16.00-18.00: 10th Christmas Fair

    18 December 2017 Marshall Tito Square: Christmas trees of generosity

    18 December 2017- 1 January 2018 Obala Pina Budicina: Rovinj's winter delicacies

    23 December 2017 – 1 January 2018 and 6 January 2018 Marshall Tito Square: Holidays at the Batana House: At the Table, Enjoying the Music

    27-30 December 2017 Rovinj Music Festival

    31 December 2017 New Year`s Eve

    Aperitif Bar Circolo: Le feste in terasa del Circolo

    Cafe Cinema: live music, coffee&cake festival

    Bacchus Bar: live music

  • Ice Skating Rink in Rovinj

    09.12.2017 - 26.12.2017

    Rovinj-Rovigno, Trg maršala Tita

    This year's Christmas magic has been enriched with yet another attraction – the city ice skating rink.

    Trg maršala Tita

    This year's Christmas magic has been enriched with yet another attraction – the city ice skating rink.

    It will be working from 09-26 December 2017 at the Square Marshall Tito from 12.00 to 20.00 on business days and from 12.00 to 21.00 on weekends.

    There will be various programmes at the rink such as the ice-skating classes, disco skating and similar.

    Ice rink programme:

    09 December 2017 12.00: inauguration programme (working hours 12.00-21.00)   

    10-12 December 2017 12.00-21.00: Ice rink

    13-14 December 2017 12.00-20.00: Ice-skating classes

    15-16 December 2017 12.00-21.00: Ice-skating classes

                                     17.00-20.00: Disco skating

    17 December 2017 12.00-21.00: Ice skating rink

                                17.00: Ice Spectacle: “Marvellous ice magic”, Zagreb’s Medo Skating Club

    19-21 December 2017 12.00-20.00: Ice skating rink

    22-23 December 2017 12.00-21.00: Ice-skating classes

                                    17.00-20.00: Disco skating

    24-26 December 2017 12.00-21.00: Ice skating rink


    Grad Rovinj-Rovigno
    Trg Matteotti 2

  • Advent in Hotel Adriatic

    10.12.2017 - 31.12.2017

    Rovinj-Rovigno, Hotel Adriatic (Hotel Adriatic)

    Enjoy the best Advent season in the idyllic ambiance of Hotel Adriatic

    11,00 h

    Hotel Adriatic (Hotel Adriatic)

    Enjoy the best Advent season in the idyllic ambiance of Hotel Adriatic

    It is the most wonderful time of the year and time to get into the spirit of Christmas. We have prepared a special musical programme and a delicius menu including everything from mulled and sparkling wine to delicious fish specialities and wonderful desserts.

    See you on 10th, 17th, 24th, 26th and 31st December.


    Maistra d.d.
    Obala Pina Budicina 16 +385 52 800-250

  • Rovinj's Winter Delicacies

    18.12.2017 - 06.01.2018

    Rovinj-Rovigno, Trg maršala Tita (Marshall Tito Square)

    Trg maršala Tita (Marshall Tito Square)

    Wishing to enrich this year's holiday music and entertainment programme within the Christmas Magic festival, we have planned the Rovinj's Winter Delicacies gourmet events organized by the Association of Rovinj’s Artisans and the now traditional Holidays at the Batana House organized by The Batana House Association. Rovinj's Winter Delicacies start on 18 December lasting until 1 January. The event will feature several Rovinj's restaurants with their special gourmet offer like dry cured meat products, prosciutto, cheese, burgers, pasta, grilled meat, kotlovina (food from the cauldron), various desserts like crepes, waffles, doughnuts (fritule).
    Holidays at the Batana House start on 23 December lasting until 6 January. The Batana kitchen will be making specialties and pastries like fritule, all garnished with music.


    18 December 2017-1 January 2018 11.00-21.00 Obala P. Budicina Rovinj’s Winter Delicacies

    23-26 December 2017 & 28 December 2017-1 January 2018 & 6 January 2018 11.00-14.00 Marshall Tito Square Holidays at the Batana House: At the Table, Enjoying the Music


    Udruženje obrtnika Rovinj; Udruga Kuća o batani

  • American Pop Art

    18.12.2017 - 04.01.2018

    Rovinj-Rovigno, Hotel Lone

    Pop Art exhibition in Hotel Lone

    Hotel Lone

    Pop Art exhibition in Hotel Lone

    The Ljubljana Visconti Fine Art Gallery is presenting American Pop Artin Hotel Lone. The art show features about 20original works in different techniques by some of the most prominent
    pop artists, such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert  Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, John Chamberlain and Tom Wesselmann.


    Maistra d.d.
    Luje Adamovića 31 +385 52 800-250

  • Open Accoustic Advent

    22.12.2017 - 24.12.2017

    Rovinj-Rovigno, Trg Pignaton (Pignaton Square )

    Trg Pignaton (Pignaton Square )

    Celebrating of Advent and 15th annywersary of the wine bar Baccus


    Wine bar Baccus
    Carera 5

  • Rovinj Music Festival

    27.12.2017 - 30.12.2017

    Rovinj-Rovigno, Valdibora (Valdibora)

    Valdibora (Valdibora)

    Rovinj celebrates creativity by hosting the 9th Rovinj Music Festival taking place December 27th - 30th. The audience will see contestants and guest performers take to the stage and enjoy performances by unsigned bands and popular hits performed by well-known artists. All of them will be performing in a tent set up in Valdibora every evening will start with a concert and continue with performances by bands entered in the competition.


    27.12.2017 Theater Gandusio: Mangroove

    28.12.2017 Valdibora: Glazbeni laboratorij; The Link 20

    29.12.2017 Valdibora: Elemental; The Night Express

    30.12.2017 Valdibora: Atomsko sklonište; Opća opasnost

    For more information about the festival go to:

  • New Year's Eve Party


    Rovinj-Rovigno, Trg maršala Tita (Marshall Tito Square)

    21:30 h

    Trg maršala Tita (Marshall Tito Square)

    The craziest night of the year will be celebrated in Rovinj with the mega popular French group Gipsy Kings feat. Paco Baliardo performing their hits like Volare, Bamboleo, Djobi Djoba, Bem Bem Maria and many others. The supporting band Simon Marlow & The Rovinj Music Lab will warm up and entertain the audience before the arrival of the main act. Along with the music part, the programme also includes attractive fireworks that will sparkle in the night sky over Rovinj at midnight.

    New Year's Eve programme at the square will be enriched by the gourmet offer of several Rovinj's restaurants within The Rovinj’s Winter Delicacies festival and The Batana House Association with its traditional menu within the Holidays at the Batana House.


    21:30 Simon Marlow and The Rovinj Music Lab

    24:00 Fireworks

    0:10 Gipsy Kings feat. Paco Baliardo

  • Weekend bike and gourmet tour

    14.04.2018 - 15.04.2018


    If you like cycling, discovering natural beauties and gourmet delicacies, join us for the Weekend bike Gourmet Tour to be held in Rovinj.

    In two days of adventure, you will cross 90 kilometres of organized bike tracks around Rovinj and Bale, enjoy hidden natural beauties, taste Istrian delicacies, wine and olive oil of the area, and dwell in the scent of aromatic herbs.


    +385 (0)52 800 250

  • Popolana - With Sports from Streets and Squares to Nature and Tourism

    27.04.2018 - 29.04.2018

    Rovinj-Rovigno, Gradsko središte (Town centre)

    Sports entertainment event

    Gradsko središte (Town centre)

    Sports entertainment event

    Popolana, a distinctive three-day event, is filled with sports and recreational events, entertainment for children and adults and a wide selection of culinary delights, while its praiseworthy humanitarian character can be felt throughout the event. Proceeds collected from the sale of T-shirts and flowers are donated to charity, particularly to associations for people with special needs.

    Children, recreational athletes, citizens and all visitors of Rovinj can try their skills in different sports: indoor rock climbing, indoor rowing competition, chess tournament, aerobics, basketball, electronic darts, nordic walking parade, cycling, a 21 km half-marathon or a 5 km recreational run.

    Fish caught during the sports and underwater fishing competition is used for preparing culinary delicacies for all the participants of Popolana, the event which calls for a joyful gathering on a crowded Rovinj’s waterfront.


    Sportska zajednica Grada Rovinja-Rovigno


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