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Plava laguna completes a cycle of the most important investments

With the beginning of the 2018 season, one of the largest tourist companies in Croatia, Plava laguna, completes some of the largest investments in its facilities so far, totalling almost 487 million kunas.

The largest projects, for which around 70 percent of this amount will be singled out, include the complete reconstruction of the Laguna Park Hotel and tourist resort in Poreč, the construction of the Garden Suites & Rooms Sol Umag and the thorough reconstruction, with construction of new, additional facilities in the Stella Maris Umag Campsite. Moreover, part of the investment refers to the reconstruction and furnishing of accommodation facilities for workers. 150 new double rooms will be built as well as around 60 mobile homes: 90 rooms in Univerzal and 60 rooms in Katoro, Umag, as well as 50 mobile homes in Stella Maris and 10 in Bijela uvala.

Investment in the Park Resort, a new complex in Poreč, includes the construction of a new hotel, apartments and villas, intended primarily for families with children, which will welcome its first guests in July. There are a total of 309 accommodation units being furnished - 154 rooms and suites in the hotel, 91 garden suites, 43 apartments and 21 villas, along with the construction of a central swimming pool complex. Water attractions, children's pools, water slides, as well as a special swimming pool for babies will be dedicated to children.

As well as this, near to the Sol Umag Hotel, the old bungalows have been demolished and 11 new complexes have been constructed containing 54 accommodation units under the common name of Garden Suites & Rooms Sol Umag.

The renovation of the Stella Maris Campsite includes new accommodation capacities as well as new facilities, such as 150 mobile homes and a large pool complex, with the pool area covering a total of 829 square metres. In the 630 accommodation units, guests will have superior lots and mobile homes at their disposal. The Stella Maris Campsite will also receive a new reception with its own catering facility, and guests will also be provided with a grill area, a sports and recreational area with a beach volleyball court and mini golf.

Plava laguna, with the largest investment cycle, welcomed 2018 with a new brand and concept “Our six star attitude”, announcing a business turnaround following a final affiliation of Istraturist Umag d.d. (joint stock company) owned by Plava laguna since December 2014.

In line with the new roof brand, a new tourist website has recently been prepared, which unifies the offer of the three destinations: Poreč, Umag and Rijeka and has a number of surprises for visitors: