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Safe stay in Croatia

The safety and health of our fellow citizens and guests are of utmost importance for us

Like a number of other tourist destinations around the world, Croatia is currently facing major challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic. To make our guests feel safe and protected, we have implemented additional measures at all levels of the tourism sector.

Thanks to the good epidemiological conditions during the past year, Istria and Croatia have been recognised as safe destinations, and we would like to continue to be recognised as such in 2021 too.

In addition to the already well-known Safe Travels label implemented by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), a label has been designed in Croatia: Safe stay in Croatia.

The national safety label is an important step in establishing our country as a safe and desirable destination and means that we have implemented measures and protocols that will allow you a pleasant and quality stay with us.

The project website offers
- a search of all tourist stakeholders bearing the Safe stay in Croatia label
- information on health and safety protocols in 7 basic categories
- information on how to proceed in case of suspicion of Covid-19



Safe stay in Croatia
Safe stay in Croatia
Safe stay in Croatia
Safe stay in Croatia
Safe stay in Croatia

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