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Momjan – Momiano

A beautiful settlement located at 270 m above the sea level, only 18 km from the Riviera of Umag-Umago and Novigrad-Cittanova, with a rich history and amazing natural beauties. The soil is especially suited for the cultivation of grape vine, olive and fruit trees.

Momjan can be divided in two parts; the lower and the upper. In the lower part there is a bell tower (22 m) and the church of St. Martin from the 15th century. On a rock on the west side of the church there is a ruin of an ancient castle, hiding very important events from the history of the northern Istria.
The most popular sorts of wines thriving in this area are the Malvasia and the Muscat of Momjan which were famous and highly appreciated on Italian and Viennese courts.

The abundance of animal life (pheasants, does, wild boars) and other animals as well as numerous protected and unprotected bird species provide the base for the development of hunting tourism. The quality local produce and cuisine create an ideal base for the agro tourism.

Momjan – Momiano
Momjan – Momiano