Triban – Tribano

On the road to Grožnjan-Grisignana there is the village of Triban with its typical houses of white stone, balconies and exterior staircase and other elements of local architecture. Surrounded by the greenery, it looks like a fairytale.

Triban and the adjacent village of Bibali originate from the 15th century after the Slavic migrations from the Balkans which was invaded by Turks.
The area was however settled as early as in the prehistoric period, which is witnessed by the ruins of the fortress wall of the adjacent ancient castle Krog.

The chapel of Juraj (George) within the graveyard walls was built on foundations of the original temple from 1656 and consecrated by the bishop Marino Bozzatini in 1758. On the right side there is a lovely bell tower from 1872, built on a high base of white stone ending with a rectangular gable.