Experience Buje

Vintners and wine-growers of Buje region

From town to town, from village to village, from cellar to cellar this road impeccably traces the golden wine. In the Buje-Buie region wine has brought to friendly terms the ever-lasting rivalry between the ancient experience of ancestors and the modern achievements of their descendants.

Istrian malvazija, muskat, white and grey pinot, chardonnay, hrvatica, refosk, teran, borgonja, merlot, cabernet sauvignon are characteristic sorts of wines. The amazing golden-green, yellow, pink, ruby-red are mysterious rainbow colours of intoxication. There is something called the Momjanski muskat that people indulge in as in life itself. And for the end, cream on the top - hrvatica, an autochtonous sort, a subtle exciting rosé.

Should Fortuna be favourably inclined, you will be offered to taste the bukaleta of wine, that original Istrian pitcher of welcome accompained by the age-old song 'The vine has yielded two clusters of grapes'.