Educational trail: Plas, Učka Nature Park

To fully experience the natural beauty of the peak ridge of Učka, take a walk along the Plas educational trail, which starts only cca. 300 meters below the peak of Vojak.

The Plas educational trail passes over the slopes of the peak ridge of Učka, which is of extraordinary importance and value for its geological formation and rare endemic plant and animal species. The trail runs through a thick forest of typical littoral beech. It features arranged places to rest and viewpoints offering magnificent views of the Istrian hills and the Ćićarija mountain range.

Interpretation boards along the trail introduce visitors to the natural characteristics of this peak area of Učka, the richness and biological diversity of its flora and fauna, and the origins and various forms of the karst relief and shape.
For more information about walking along the Plas educational trail with expert guidance from the park’s staff, call: +385 (0)51 293 753

Altitude: 1 300 m
Trail length: 2 km
Trail duration: 1:00 - 1:30 hours