Experience Buzet


The Gates of the World. We enter the smallest town in the world. It was mentioned for the first time in 1102. Town walls protected the town from frequent intrusions of the Venetians and the Turks. On the west town gates are two Glagolitic writings. The gates will be again solemnly opened next year - the Town of Hum Day brings the new town patron «For a year». Hum lies 7 km from Roč.
Apart from being famous as the smallest town in the world, it has also been recently promoted as the Town of biska. Biska  is mistletoe brandy whose original recipe comes from Hum. Every year at the end of October Hum is the host of a Brandy exhibit where a competition for the best brandy in Istria is organized.

The traditional custom of electing the county prefect for a year has been preserved until today.
Hum is also the final point of the famous monument complex known as the Glagolitic Lane commemorating the importance of Glagolitic literature. The Lane stretches for 7 km from Roč to Hum.