Experience Buzet

Outdoor sports

Raspadalica lies about 5 km north of Buzet. This equipped site is ideal for hang gliding and paragliding almost all year round.

Other activities that can be arranged here are team building, mountain biking, free climbing and trekking.

Paragliding is a fascinating experience that offers an unforgettable sense of freedom.
Discover Buzeština from above! You can fly alone if you are an experienced paraglider. Or you can experience the beauty of paragliding in tandem.

Discover the thrill of hang gliding and learn hang gliding.
Club "Homo volans" from Opatija is at your disposal.

The pit Radota Peć on Ćićarija is suitable for all ages. You can descend to a depth of 70 m.
Duration: about 3 hours.

Mlini source is a cave system with a water channel 450 m long.
Duration: 4 hours.

Pit near Slum, has a vertical entrance and you can descend to a depth of 60 m.
During the first part of the day participants learn about the practical part of use of equipment, whereas the afternoon is reserved for entering the pit.
Duration: whole day