Poreč Riviera

If you are looking for activity, remarkable experiences and rich cultural heritage, Poreč Riviera with its 100 years of experience in hospitality and supreme tourist offer, is the place for you. Be sure not to miss the numerous parties organized in tourist villages and the town's center. Nothing but fun from sunset till sunrise!

Feel the touch of eternity!

In this former Roman colony you can enjoy the sights of Romanesque architecture with beautiful Venetian gothic palaces that will make your walk a truly memorable experience. Its orthogonal set of streets has been completely preserved till today! During the reign of the Byzantine emperor Justinian, Porec reached its highest peak. This will become obvious to you once you see the Euphrasian Basilica, beyond doubt a breathtaking sight. It was built in the middle of the 6th century in the Byzantine style, and the mosaics on its front and interior are truly one of the most beautiful works of art in the world! The whole edifice has been included in the UNESCO's World Heritage list. Entering the basilica, you will feel the ghosts of past centuries and will be able to touch the eternity!

We recommend a visit to the mediaeval Romanesque house with an interesting wooden balcony. The gothic pentagonal tower once served as the town gate, and now it is the entrance to an exceptional world of new all-evening gastronomic discoveries.

When the sun rises again, take pleasure in wonderful beaches, where the land touches the sea under the green cloak of coniferous trees. 

You can choose among numerous sporting activities. During the last couple of years, Poreč has become a popular destination for professional and recreational sportsmen from all over Europe. Find accommodation in one of the numerous camp-sites, apartment villages or hotels, and you will find out why Poreč and its surroundings have a reputation for being an exceptional Adriatic tourist center. 

Rich tourist offer can also be found in the neighboring small places. Enjoy one of many restaurants and native Istrian taverns with all the enchantments of the real Mediterranean cuisine. Get rid of stress by visiting lovely picturesque villages settled in the hinterland and lead the calm “true Mediterranean” life.

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