Experience Ližnjan

Magnificent views of southeastern Istria

Peninsula at the edge of the peninsula, a secluded Lighthouse, and an Islet with sandy beaches

ližnjan view
Cape Kamenjak marks the southernmost tip of the Istrian peninsula. However, a little more to the east, near Ližnjan, Istria is adorned by another exceptional piece of land deeply stretching into the Sea. Peninsula Marlera is where nature shines before the eye of the beholder, seducing with its silence, smells, wide, uninterrupted horizons, and photogenic combination of the rocky coastline, red Istrian soil, marine environment, and lush vegetation.

From Ližnjan, you can easily walk through Marlera or cycle on flat paths. At every meter that you approach the tip of the Cape, different new things will attract your attention - cabbage plantations or, as the locals call it, "kapuz," then a large vineyard whose vines get sprinkled with the saltiness of the Sea, Mediterranean plants or the view of the Sea, the islands of Cres and Lošinj and the imposing part of the mainland, specifically the mountain of Velebit.

At the farthest point of the Cape, you will find the only place on this peninsula where the human hand has left the mark - a lighthouse that looks especially magical in the dusk. His only company includes waves, untouched nature, and fragrant bushes of Mediterranean plants with a view providing stunning shots on all four sides of the world. Lighthouse Marlera was built in 1880 during the imperial and royal dual monarchy Austria-Hungary, only 25 meters from the Sea, to facilitate navigation by ships sailing between southeastern Istria and the Kvarner islands by providing signaling lights.

Located at the very tip of the Cape Marlera, its unique charm enriches the view of the peninsula, and the visitor gets the feeling of a successful escape from the daily urban routine. Today, the lighthouse is automated, and all who decide to spend their vacation on Marlera can briefly experience the role that used to be performed by lighthouse keepers. The detached tower and ground-floor building of the lighthouse Marlera were renovated in 2012 and converted into a romantic and luxurious tourist accommodation.

On the sea line of Ližnjan, near Marlera, two islets are anchored there - Levan and about 550 meters to the south, the island of Levanić, which is actually by nature a rock.

The picturesque islet of Levan is an unavoidable drop of land that draws attention to one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Istria. The Blueness of the Sea, light sand, and greenery of Mediterranean vegetation provide a handful of beautiful shots, and make sure to look for the most photogenic one - the wooden swing.

Levan is only 280 meters from the mainland, and in the summer, one can reach it by taxi boat in just a few minutes. After taking photos, spend relaxing moments at the beach bar by dipping your feet in the warm sand and sipping refreshing drinks.

Try kayaking if you wish to take photos of this beautiful island from the Sea. You can embark upon this sea adventure by joining one of the guided tours that offer fantastic new insights into getting to know the fascinating Ližnjan coast from the seaside.