Wrecks: Coriolanus (3)

The wreck of the Coriolanus, a sunken battleship of the British Royal Navy of the Shakespeare class, is located west of Novigrad-Cittanova. Although being a minesweeper, the ship sunk after hitting a mine. Powered by steam engines, designed for the roughest weather, and weighing more than 554 tons, it was armed with anti-aircraft cannons and 30 anti-submarine depth charges.
It was drowned on 5th May 1945 by bumping into the floating mine.

Sea depth: 11-25 m
Greatest depth: 28 m
Smallest depth: 15 m
Length: 46 m
Width: 8,5 m

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Wrecks: Coriolanus (3)
Wrecks: Coriolanus (3)