Aminess Sirena Campsite Beach

The beach is a stone type one, with a smaller tiled part, but without spoiling the natural configurations of the coastal terrain. It is equipped with cabins, deck-chairs and showers.

Above the beach is a tourist campsite resort where you can rent a variety of sports equipment for beach and water sports, and there are several sport fields. The resort is surrounded by several restaurants and shops.

As at all the beaches by the Laguna Novigrad-Cittanova accommodation facilities, Camp Sirena, too, has the Blue flag, a guarantee of a high cleanliness standard which is annually checked and awarded by the International  Ecological Program of sea and coastal protection.
The Blue flag is a respected tourist certificate and an increasingly frequent guarantee to travellers in choosing their summer holiday location.

Guests with sensitive tan can relax in the plush pine-wood shade, while romantic guests will be delighted by the view to the open Adriatic Sea. An abundance of sun and several hundred meters long beach guarantee for a true summer experience.