Brulo beach

The Brulo beach is a partly rocky, partly built resort beach, situated in the tourist resort Brulo, on the southern edge of the city of Porec. The beach has paved areas for sunbathing. Between the rocky part and the catering facilities, there is a part of beach that is covered with grass. The resort and the beach are surrounded by pine trees, cypress trees and oak woods. The Brulo beach is connected to the main city beach, which had a Blue Flag last year and is re-applying this year as well. Different activities on the beach are cleary zoned. The beach can be safely reached by pedestrian paths. There are parking lots in front of nearby hotels. There are no sensitive areas nearby. The beach has sanitary facilities for the disabled, as well as the pool (at the hotel), life-saving equipment, first aid (small clinic at the hotel), showers, phones, rental facilities, catering facilities, recycyable waste facilities, etc. The beach takes part in different educational activities, such as cleaning actions, information on protected species, cooperation with the Faculty of Tourism, etc.
Date of flag hoisting: June 5 (unless a criterion has not been met)