Borik Beach

The Borik beach, from which there is a view of the peninsula and the historical heart of the city of Porec, is located in the area of a tourist settlement on the edge of the northern part of the city center of Porec. Paved paths surrounding the accommodation facilities lead to the beach through parks with tall pine trees. The beach is low-lying, partly pebbly, partly constructed and it is mostly used by the guests of the nearby hotels.It has enterances into the sea which are adapted using stairs made of stone with metal hand holds. . Access to the beach is ensured my means of asphalted paths and stairs. Since the beach is located near the hotels, it has all the facilities, such as sanitary facilities, accommodation and sports facilities, changing cabins and children playground, life-saving and first-aid equipment, recycable waste facilities, etc.The beach participates in local and regional actions on environmental education in cooperation with Eco-schools and tourism board, such as cleaning actions and information about protected species. The beach will display environmental information on several boards, including the one in the camp and on the beach itself.