Cultural sights


The main square of classical and medieval Pula is situated at the foot of the central hill, in the western part of the city close to the sea. The coast where the Forum was constructed in the 1st century BC had to be filled up to gain a larger area. The Forum was the nucleus of city life, its religious, administrative, legislative and commercial centre.

On the northern part of the Forum stood two twin temples and a central one dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. Today only the Temple of Augustus has been fully preserved while of the second temple only the back wall, built into the Communal Palace in the 13th century, is visible. Ancient remains of the Forum have been found during the construction of new buildings, the latest ones being ‘Agrippina and her time’ (1st century AD). The remains have been partly restored and are now exhibited in the bank built on the site.

Even today the Forum is the administrative and legislative centre of the city. During the summer months it is the venue for numerous cultural events.