Wrecks: Hans Schmidt (10)

For a long time, this wreck was known as the Istria, because its true name was not known. It was built in 1920 in the Netherlands (under the name of the Albireo), but it carries the name of its last owner from Germany. This cargo steamship was ripped in two by an explosion when it struck an underwater anti-watercraft mine on 23 January 1943. On its fatal voyage, it was transporting armament and ammunition. On the seabed, the wreck is in two parts: a 10m prow, and the rest of the wreck some 10 m away. Particularly interesting and of historical interest is the special type of anchor that has not been in production for more than 100 years.

Sea depth: 40-43 m
Greatest depth: 43 m
Smallest depth: 35 m
Length: 99 m
Width: 11,5 m

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