22. IDF WDC Dance


  • Mate Parlov Sports Centre / Pula-Pola


  • 22.05. - 26.05.24



About the event:

World Championship in Modern Dance

Pula is once again hosting a grand dance spectacle, featuring over two thousand dancers from around thirty countries worldwide. Competitions will commence after the opening ceremony and will run from morning until evening, taking place simultaneously on three stages, across 19 disciplines and 6 categories. The decision on the best performers will be made by a team of nearly 40 judges from all over the world.

Top dance groups and dancers from around the world will begin the competition in the qualifiers, followed by semi-finals and finals in each category, culminating in the announcement of the best. All visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a five-day dance spectacle that will delight Pula.

One-day €20
Two-day €35
Three-day €45
Four to five days €50