Experience Sveta Nedelja

Na šesnajs otobra

The Feast Day of the Municipality of Sveta Nedelja is celebrated on 16th October or, as locals pronounce it, "na šesnajs otobra“. This day has always been of exceptional importance for the inhabitants of Nedešćina, but also for the area as a whole, as it was the day when the widely known cattle fair took place there. A special area dedicated to the fair was located within the school circle, which also housed cattle mooring pillars.

Nowadays, the Municipality Day is celebrated with a Holy Mass in the morning followed by a ceremonial session of the Municipal Council, where a prize for the most beautiful garden is awarded.

Visitors can see an exhibition of mushrooms and wild plants in the Vitomir Širola Pajo School in Nedešćina, whilst in the afternoon a bocce tournament is held for teams of three. The whole event is accompanied by different and varied entertainment and music programs.