Hiking trail: Nature walk along the coast

Starting from the parking lot of Hotel Materada west on to a path towards the sea by the Materada Sport. Continue on a land path along the sea to the cape Rt St. Martin, around the peninsula to the cemented road then left along the road around 350 meters where you turn on to a land trail by the sea.

Continuing around the bay to the fence of the first house, then right up a mild uphill follow the cycling  trail signs Poreč north Červar Porat.
The trail passes over the Stancija Kolombera to the paved road that goes to Naturist camp Ulika. Continue left to the campsite, around 400 m to the next cycling trail sign, continuing on between the big olive grove and the fence of the camp, around the Busuja bay to the cape of a beautiful peninsula which has the same name (a view north towards Novigrad).

Further on passing the devasted ruins of a Roman villae rusticae, on a wide land trail not far from the coast (Rt Mrčana) along the olive grove following the cycling trail signs along the peninsula Soline (Saline or Saltarel) to Červar Porat.
Arriving to the paved road turn right uphill (trail sign Santolina) and again coming to a land trail between the olive grove on the right and houses on the left. The trail leads to the top of the hill (33 m) through the shade of the great oak and cedar trees, around 80 m on the right there is the small church of St. Ana where nearby can be found remains of an ancient burial ground and the foundation of a Roman villae rusticae.

From the church of St. Ana there are three main ways to return:
1. Back 80 m to the top of the hill where there is cemented paved road from Červar Porat on the right towards Červar, to the starting point by Hotel Materada.
2. From the small church downhill by a land trail along the estate Kamalić through the olive grove to the intersection then left further on through the olive grove to the white road (old mulberry trees stand alongside) and left on the same road towards Červar. From there right again on the paved road towards Poreč that is to the starting point by Hotel Materada.
3. Those who don't want to return by paved road can return from Červar by the same white road all the way to the coast and the bay Busuja that is the earlier described trail returning (left) to the starting point.

The trail length: 11.500 meters
Walking time: from 3 hours and 30 minutes to 4 hours and 30 minutes

The trail of the third alternative is not paved and passes through green surroundings along nature and coast. During the longer rain periods parts of the trail are pretty muddy.