Cultural sights

Stancija Grande

This villa used to belong to the Fabris family, counts of Begliano in Friuli. In the late 19th century they sold the buildings and the surrounding land to the Cesare family.

We are talking here of a single piece of land with a surface of more than 200 acres, encompassed within a high wall. The villa is still known as Villa Cesare. The family owned the manor until the mid 20th century. The most suggestive road taking to the villa is the one leaving at the harbour of Savudrija.
Its suggestiveness derives from the fact that one has the feeling to be moving through a tunnel, made in this case of exuberant laurel bushes.

This was the road used by carriages that transported tourists from their steamships to the villa. As early as a hundred years ago, it was also the road taken by the family car. The practical aspect of new civilizational inventions seems to have been very appreciated here. Indeed, the manor was provided with running water, thanks to the free fall of the water accumulated within the tower tank, not to mention the generating unit used for lighting, but also for powering a radio! All in all, very much unlike Savudrija, where electric power was introduced only in 1936.