Beach Savudrija

Savudrija is a settlement on the westernmost spot of the Croatia, which is famous for its natural rocky beaches and a lighthouse from 19th century.

The coast around Savudrija is surrounded by a pine forest and special rocky beaches, and it also hides a famous naturist beach on the southern part. Because of a pleasant climate it is a favorite destination for surfers. The Savudrija beach is pebbly with some rocky parts where you can place you deck chairs. Near the beach there is a tourist camping resort with few restaurants and bars, sport fields and pools.

The Savudrija beach is ideal for families with small kids, elder people, and it has an arranged entrance for people with disabilities.
Hanging boats and the 36-metre-high Savudrija lighthouse make this beach especially charming.

Type: pebble / rocky
Size: 9m long, 2m wide
Services: various food & beverage outlets and sports & recreation amenities
Parking: near the beach