Discover the delicacies of northwest Istria!

Istrian cuisine is known for its diversity. In the spring, our chefs will surprise you with wild asparagus, the summer is all about fish and shellfish, and in the autumn, you can always count on truffles. In the winter, minestrone, cabbage and roasted sausages are prepared in warm, lively taverns. The leading restaurants
and bars in Northwest Istria (the region represented by the towns of Umag, Novigrad, Buje and Brtonigla) are increasingly becoming known (not only in Croatia but also further afield) for providing their guests with a dining
experience at the cutting edge of gourmet food preparation. These gourmet oases are able to satisfy the most refined palate, offering ever new and diverse seasonal menus adapted to typical Istrian ingredients and prepared by creative chefs in their own different and characteristic ways.

In winter, the Shellfish Days event is held from February til March. During this period one can sample the finest Istrian sea food recipes featuring scallops, mussels, warty venus (a salt-water clam), Noah’s Ark shells, black scallops and oysters. Without any fear of exaggeration it is safe to say that diners will experience the special sea food taste only available from one of the cleanest seas in the world, complemented by superb Istrian wines and the best olive oil to be found anywhere.